B+M Union Horse Distillery Wedding in Lenexa, Kansas

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Coming to you on the blog today is Brian & Morgan’s, (#idobm) June wedding, held at Union Horse Distillery in Lenexa, Kansas.  This wasn't just a wedding, it was an EVENT and is a serious contender for one of the most fun weddings/event I have ever had the chance to not only photograph but to also attend.  

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From 4:00 in the afternoon when we started the day to late in the evening, it was a non-stop stream of laughing, dancing, and merrymaking.  (Do people say “merrymaking” still? If not, this wedding is SO bringing it back).  

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These two lovebirds met in middle school and were friends until high school but Morgan moved away and they lost touch. They reconnected 14 years later from a Facebook and decided to catch up. They have been inseparable and have clearly been having the time of their lives ever since and their wedding was no exception!

Mingled in with the uproarious events were some genuinely sweet moments, too. I loved when Morgan's mom and Brian's dad offered a toast to the bride and groom. And... I ESPECIALLY loved all the work that went into the details! The decor and table settings were well thought out and did I mention that Morgan was a "DIY" Bride? Of course, she had some help here and there but this Bride knocked it out of the park. Don't worry, I asked her what advice she had for other brides who were considering DIY weddings and she said, "Keep it simple and make sure someone else is there to help at the end. We did a lot of DIY projects and it did save money in the long run, but some of the stress wasn't worth it. Pick the 5 things that are really important to you and focus on those. We did do the mad-libs on the tables and I must say that they have been the most fun things to read! Also, you don't have to choose wedding colors...everyone asked me until the day of and I had no answer." Sounds like some sound advice to me! I've included more details in the gallery below and even of few of her FABULOUS wedding party and guests! Just goes to show that being savvy and fun along with a lot of love go together really, really well. Congrats again, Morgan and Brian, and is it too much to ask that you put me on the invite list for any of your future get-togethers…? Ha!

Location: Union Horse Distillery

Dress was purchased at: The Altar

Florist: Anna Arnot

Catering: Moxie Catering


Elegant Union Horse Distillery Wedding of Brian & Morgan Cook!